Friday, April 26, 2013

Hobart Airport.

I recently was seeing off relatives at the Hobart Airport. I have two complaints one, anyone that tries to sell me a 350ml bottle of flavored milk for $4:90 must pulling my leg. My second compliant is that when queuing to buy a snack at the Abbots kiosk a business man who thought that he and his bottle of  Diet Coke was more important than my jelly beans pushed in front of me and was served first. The staff at Abbots knew I was standing there waiting to be served but they let this "business" man go first. Poor form.

Devils Kitchen, Sandy Bay

What a great little restaurant  You can either eat in or take away. But what are you eating? Burgers! When I say burgers you are probably thinking greasy, plasticiy cheese McChickens from Maccas, but no! This is amazing wallaby patties and scrumptious salmon and wasbai and of course the classic cheeseburger  And when I say fries you are probably again thinking salty chips form KFC that make want to drink the southern ocean  but these are amazing, tasty non american-ised chips! I had the cheeseburger which was simple but a delight, with tasty cheese and caramelized onion.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

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